Little People, BIG Feelings!

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Toddlers are little people with big feelings that they can`t express. 

Around age 2, toddlers begin to see themselves as individuals with their own unique likes and dislikes.  Your toddler will begin to express these wishes with phrases like “No!” and “Me do it!“.  His emotions will swing widely – from joy to despair – as he experiences feelings like pride, shame, guilt or embarrassment for the first times.  Parents have an important role to play in helping toddlers express and manage these strong emotions.

Help your toddler talk about and name his feelings.  Read books and name how the characters are feeling ~ sad, happy, angry, scared, etc.  Talk about your own feelings.  Your toddler will love using big words like “disgruntled” or “delighted”.  Being able to label his feelings will help him to understand them and be able to tell others how he is feeling.

Teach your child to express his feelings in healthy ways. Suggest ways to manage anger or frustration ~ jump up and down, rip paper, cuddle up for some alone time or paint a picture.

Turn taking games, such as rolling a ball back and forth, can help your child practice self-control.    Pretend play offers many chances to wait, take turns and negotiate with others.  Act out different scenarios – “What would you do if someone takes your favourite toy?”

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