Crazy Goop Pt. 2

Continued from August 31st, 2015 post…

What can you do once your Crazy Goop is made?

Let children play with the goop. Try placing it in a tray to contain the mess. As you play with the goop and your child, talk about the qualities of the goop. Talk about how it feels and smells. Bring in some other materials like cookie cutters and see what happens when you try to make a shape. Even infants will enjoy sitting on your lap or in their high chair and touching the goop, drawing in the goop, and generally playing with it. If your child is reluctant to touch the goop, put it into a Ziplock bag and let them mush it (don’t be alarmed by this reluctance – some children are sensitive about touching things, so be patient.) With infants, adults should describe the qualities and should sit either with the infant on their lap or if the infant is in a high chair, sit so they can see your face as you describe the feeling of the goop. If you are playing with a toddler or preschooler, the floor or a table with the goop in a tray will let them explore with you. Instead of describing the qualities, ask your toddler or preschooler to describe the feeling and let them experiment with different materials like cookie cutters.

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