1, 2 Skip a few?

November 30, 2015


Teaching our children about numbers essentially starts when they are babies. Children go through phases and milestones as to what they learn when it comes to numbers, counting, or sorting.

As a parent, you can help your child with numbers by having them ‘help you’.  Have your child count the number of things on your ‘to do’ list. Help them count how many different items are on our shopping list. You can also encourage them to make their own list and share it with you.

Encourage mathematical skills in your child by involving them in everyday activities. Sorting the socks, baking a cake, or going grocery shopping are everyday activities that will promote numeracy development in your youngsters.

Our children learn at such an amazing rate it is scary. An infant has the ability to recognize cards that are different – card 1 has 2 dots, card 2 has 4 dots. When we encourage this learning, our children will soar beyond our reaches.

To help foster these skills, you can play games with your child such as “Mother May I”, Bingo, or flash card activities. Every child will learn at a different rate.  This is normal. If your child does not seem to grasp a concept, do not fret as tomorrow is a new day.

Below is a link to Numeracy Developmental Milestones for children. Remember, this is just a guide.:-)