Losing a Child…


We are born, and we will die.  The loss of a loved one is by far one of the hardest things we have to deal with. The loss of a child is beyond tragic for any parent.  It does not matter if our child is 16 weeks in utero, or 36 years fighting for our country; losing a child will be the hardest thing any parent has to encounter.

Having our child pass away before we do will change our worlds forever. As parents, we will never be the same, and we will live each day missing a part of us.

Dealing with the loss of a child will typically send parents through a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings; anger, frustration, hurt, sadness, depression, isolation, hysteria, guilt, jealousy, fear, denial, relief, shock, helplessness.  All of these feelings are very normal, and can be very overwhelming at first.  Over time, you will begin to work through your emotions and grieve your loss.

Grief is a natural human response to loss.  Healing does take time and each parent will go through different experiences through this process.  Just because we are healing, does not mean that we forget and move on.   Because we all have unique experiences, the way we choose to remember and cherish our children will be very unique.  Some parents will cling onto something that belonged to their child; others will plant a tree in memory of their baby.  However you choose to create memories, just know that each one is special.  Whatever brings you comfort will help you work through your loss.

On November 11, we stop to remember all those people who have and continue to die in war – soldiers, families, and children.  Every single person that lost their life fighting for our freedom was someone’s child.  Give your loved ones an extra tight hug, and stop to reflect on the preciousness of life.

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