These days, with both parents working in most families, mornings can be a difficult time as everyone tries to rush out of the door. The result can be that each family member ends up unhappy and stressed. But the bottom line is, you have to get to work, and your child has to get to school or childcare.

Consider the following reasons why small children dawdle in the morning:

  • Your child may not want to leave the comfort and safety of home for the outside world.
  • Your child may find it hard to move as fast as you want them to because that speed doesn’t match their natural rhythms.
  • Your child may still be tired and sleepy in the morning, so if you push them to hurry, they become stressed. If your child is tired almost every morning, they may need to go to bed earlier in order to get more sleep.
  • Your child may be worried that you think your work is more important than they are.

If your child seems tired, reassure them, but explain that they still have to get ready. And as frustrated as you may become, never yell or physically hurt your child. Lastly, when you drop your child off, let them know that you are not angry with them and make it clear that you are coming back.

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