Turn Your Kids Onto Math!

December 28, 2015

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Strong math skills in the preschool years are one of the best predictors of academic success.  Did you know that babies start learning math from the day they are born?  The shapes around them plus the times of their feedings and naps all add up to math.  The sooner parents can start to connect these observations with actual math, the better off kids will be in the long run.  So don’t let your fear or hatred of math keep you from doing it with your kids!

Now this doesn’t mean that you should be quizzing your toddler on addition and subtraction skills.  Rather look around and watch for those teachable moments.  Math and numbers are all around us!

  • Count out loud as you scoop coffee into the coffee maker, cups of flour into a recipe or walk up the steps
  • Supply different sized bath toys for scooping, measuring and pouring
  • Play with patterns –“red fish, blue fish…”
  • Sing about numbers and rhymes “1,2 buckle my shoe…”
  • Ask lots of “I wonder what will happen if… or I wonder which of these is heavier” questions

If math were limited to flashcards and worksheets, no one would get too excited about it.  But math is everywhere.  It’s nothing to be scared of and it doesn’t have to be stressful.  Have some fun with math and numbers today!