Reading Baby’s Body Language

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They may not yet be able to speak, but they sure can get your attention!  Babies cry, smile, chatter and babble.  On top of all this, babies also speak with their bodies.  Part of getting to know your baby is recognizing baby’s body language.

Take note of your baby’s body movements ~ facial expressions, the way feet kick, hands clasp and arms and legs move.   Learn to tell when baby is tired.  Watch for droopy eyelids, stiff or jerky movements, or eye-rubbing.  Speak gently and provide lots of comfort.

 “Oh, the cat frightened you when it ran by.  He made you jump.  You are feeling scared.” 

 “The sun is in your eyes.  You don’t like that, do you?  We can fix that by closing the drapes.” 

“Goodness, you are all out of sorts and clingy.  Are you tired?  Let’s have a nap and see if that makes you feel better.” 

Watch how baby responds to your voice and touch.  Learn what comforts baby and return baby’s smiles as often as possible.   Talk about what your baby might be feeling and name those feelings:

“Were you lonely when I stepped out to the kitchen?   I’m here now…let’s play with your toy.” 

“You like it when I sing to you, it makes you happy!”

“Are my hands cold?  I’ll rub them together and warm them up…”

Watching what your baby does and how baby responds to what you do will help you understand what your baby may be thinking and feeling.

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