Teaching Toddlers: Body Parts

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Receptive language is about understanding words and language.  One of its building blocks is for your toddler to know the different parts of their body.

It’s is a good idea to begin teaching body parts that your toddler can see.  Start with tummy, then toes.   Teach your toddler to point to parts on their own body rather than yours.

Practice and repetition are the best ways to learn.  Start with ones of interest – if your child likes to hop, teach feet.  If your child likes to mouth toys, teach mouth or teeth.

Make learning body parts as fun and interactive as you can!

  • Teach eyes by blinking eyes and help your child learn how to blink their eyes.
  • Pretend to snort, sneeze and snore when teaching nose.
  • Sticker fun! Ask your toddler to put stickers on different body parts as you name them.
  • Take a baby doll and have your child put Band-Aids on the body parts you name.
  • Stand your child in front of a mirror and count the number of ears, nose, fingers, feet and arms.
  • Bath fun! Have your toddler put coloured soap on parts as you name them.
  • Make a dice from a square tissue box and label with pictures of body parts (eyes, feet, nose, mouth, hands, ears, etc.). Toss the dice and have your child point to that body part. 
  • Borrow “Inside Your Outside” by Dr. Seuss from the SE Regional Library.

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