Babies and Puzzles

Puzzle Play 12 to 18 months


Playing puzzles with your baby is a great way to develop the basic skills needed in building a well-rounded person.  Puzzles are great for so many different areas of development ; building hand –eye coordination, improving memory skills, problem solving and emotional skills by teaching them patience and rewarding them when it is finished. Puzzles build a child’s understanding of the world around them.

When introducing a puzzle to your baby start by guiding his hand with the piece into the right spot.  The next step would be getting it almost to the right spot, and then guiding them by telling him, ”Put the puzzle piece in.”  The 3rd step might be giving your child the piece in the right position and pointing to the right spot prompting him to put it in.  Continue this way, only giving your child as much help as you feel they need to succeed, then step back and watch him figure it out on his own.

Puzzles can be a great addition to your baby’s play time.  Always remember when playing with your baby to keep it brief, fun and stop before he wants to stop.


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