Talking With Your Baby

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Young babies need plenty of close, constant and loving care.  During baby’s waking hours, he/she may spend a lot of time looking around, kicking legs, moving arms, listening, gooing, gurgling and even smiling.  Talk to, cuddle and play with your baby.  As you talk, pause and give baby a chance to communicate back to you with smiles and baby sounds.  Interact with your baby.  Show baby different toys and what they do.  Copy the movement, faces and sounds that your baby makes.  Use a variety of different faces, voices and playful sounds when you are with your baby.  Remember – YOU are your baby’s favourite toy!

Loud or unfamiliar sounds may make baby startle or cry.  Respond promptly when baby is upset.  Sooth your baby by picking him/her up, cuddling and talking to baby in a calm, soothing voice.  Name and acknowledge your baby’s fears.  “That door slamming was really loud, wasn’t it?  That must have scared you.”  Hearing your familiar voice, feeling the warmth of your body and smelling that wonderful “mom or dad” scent is sure to bring baby comfort.  If baby is really upset, you might even try singing to him/her.  It will help to calm and relax baby.

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