Games to Play with Your 6-18 Month Old

6 to 18 Months

There are many different ideas of ways to play with your baby at this age. Playing together is not only fun for you and your baby, but will help strengthen the bond between you. Play is also how children learn about their world. Here are a few suggestions of ways to play with your baby:

  • Movement games, besides being fun, help your child feel like a separate person and also build strength and “motor” skills, like controlling movements, balance and rhythm. Such games could include dancing to music, follow-the-leader, riding toys and so on.
  • Pretend games help develop imagination and also give your child a way to “test” what they are learning – such as when they use a block as a phone to “talk” to someone. You can encourage pretend games by acting out stories and songs, even like “Row, row your boat” or by pretending to be a not-too-scary monster. Here’s a hint: give your child a prop that gives them power over the monster.
  • Language games help your child’s language skills develop when you chant, sing and act out songs and nursery rhymes. Perhaps bounce her on your lap while you sing the songs and play the games. Make animal or other familiar sounds and point to pictures of the same things. It will help her make connections.

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