Shakers and Sensory Bottles

Shakers and Sensory Bottles


You can make simple low – cost shakers or sensory bottles using different types of canisters or containers. The sounds are exciting to babies and helps them learn cause and effect – when they shake it, it makes noise.  This is easily done by using different sized empty containers from your pantry (just keep them and clean them when they become empty) containers like plastic water or juice bottles, plastic jars or tea canisters.  Fill them with different things such as rice, lentils, macaroni, etc.  Then use non- toxic glue along the edges where the lid snaps on or treads for screw on lids.  Wipe away any excess glue and allow the glue to dry completely.

You can make sensory bottles for them to look at and roll around using a plastic water bottle and filling it with water, oil and food colouring.   To make a more interesting sensory bottle add glitter and sequence.  Instead of water use coloured rice and add buttons and other small colourful objects that appear and disappear as you roll it.  Make sure the lid is on really tight and secure or even glued on.  Always watch your child closely when they are playing with anything that can possibly be a choking hazard.

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