Having Fun with Classifying

August 29, 2016

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Having Fun with Classifying

Have some fun while building the problem solving and numeracy skills that are so important to learning, succeeding in school and building you child’s confidence.  Learning about the different qualities that objects have like size, shape, texture, overall appearance, similarities, differences and uses all are important qualities that help children to learn classification.  Here are a few fun things to play around the house that will build these skills:

  • After buying groceries, get your child to help you put away the items. Get them to describe the items and what they are used for, or have them help you sort them by room, size, colour or whichever quality you decide on.  Sort the fruits and vegetables or paper products from canned goods.   Then have then count the objects in each pile.
  • Let your child help put away the dishes. Ask her to explain why she is putting each object in a specific place.  Have them sort the cutlery, they are helping and feeling good about themselves as they are building a skill.
  • Go on a hunt around the house for fun things to sort. Help your child sort them by colour, size and how they are used.  Or let them sort the items themselves and ask why they sorted the items that way, they may come up with a category that you maybe never even thought of.  Ask them to then count the objects in each group and then sort the items a different way.
  • Have your child separate their toys into piles. Ask them to identify the differences in shapes, sizes and textures that they see.