Nurturing Emotional Wellness

September 26, 2016

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How does one begin to raise a preschooler into an emotionally well-rounded person?  One of the best ways to start a conversation around emotions is with books and stories.

Young children love to have their parents read books with them.  Many children seem to have a special fascination with books about emotions.  This is likely because dealing with strong emotions is one of the big challenges they face.  They want all the help they can get!

As parents, we aim to help our children to understand what they are feeling, how to problem solve and express these emotions in constructive ways.  We can give ourselves and our children a lot of help by reading them books about emotions.  Try reading some of these books with your preschooler today!

  • The Way I Feel by Janan Cain.  The zany characters who sniffle, soar and shriek through this book will help kids understand such emotions as joy, disappointment, boredom and anger.
  • When I Feel Angry by Albert Whitman.  A young rabbit relates the things that make her angry and the positive ways in which she can deal with her emotions.  Other books in the “Way I Feel” series include When I am Jealous, When I am Sad and When I am Scared.
  • Calm Down Time by Elizabeth Verdick.  Children learn to use their calm-down space – a quiet space where they can cry, ask for a hug, sing to themselves, be rocked in a grown-up’s arms, talk about feelings and breathe.