Baby Sign Language

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As parents we have all been frustrated trying to guess what a sobbing baby wants!

Baby Signs lets babies tell you what they want so they don’t need to cry.  Babies discover how to wave and point long before they can actually speak.  Teaching your baby to use Baby Signs isn’t hard, but it does take time and patience.  Even just a few easy signs can make all the difference.

Baby Signs is about enhancing, not replacing language.  Always use the word and the sign together, and point to the object (ie:  food, drink) if possible.  Gently guide baby’s hands.  Be patient and make signing fun!

Below are a few basic Baby Signs that you may want to try.  Remember to start small with just 2 or 3 so that you both remember them…

DRINK = put your thumb to your mouth, flip your fingers up

FOOD = put your finger tips to your lips

MORE = tap ends of fingers together

SCARED = tap your chest

ANGRY = raise fist and shake it

HOT =    put your hand out and withdraw it quickly

WHERE? = hold your palms out and shrug your shoulders

GENTLE = rub your forearm back and forth lengthwise

BOOK = open palms up flat like opening a book

HURT = tap ends of index fingers together

For more information on Baby Signs, be sure to visit their website:

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