Turn-Taking For Baby

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Turn-taking plays a big part in your baby’s language development.  Play lots of turn taking games with your baby:

  • Take turns with a pop up toy.  Say “my turn” and push a button.  Push the toy to baby and say ‘Your turn!”  Encourage baby to push a button and cheer when she does!
  • Stack 2 blocks.  Give baby a block and say ‘your turn!”  Help her stack a block if needed.  Continue turn- taking as you stack blocks together.  Let baby knock the tower down when you are done.
  • Roll a ball back and forth.  Encourage baby to roll the ball to you by reaching out your arms and saying “Roll the ball to Mommy/Daddy”.  Then say “my turn” and roll the ball back to baby. 
  • Imitate the sounds your baby makes.  Let baby babble to you, then repeat those same sounds back to baby. 
  • You can also let baby babble and then talk back to baby.  For example, baby may say “ba ba ba” and you might say “Hello there beautiful!  How are you?”  Take turns listening to baby babble and then responding to baby.

You can also provide baby with visual turn-taking clues.  Pat your chest when it is your turn, then take baby’s hand and pat her chest when it is her turn.   Show baby that you are eager to hear or see what they will do.  Listen actively, lean in close and look eagerly at your baby.  Be sure to wait for baby to respond.

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