November 20th is National Child Day!


Sunday, November 20 is Canada’s National Child Day – a time to remember the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child, which spell out basic human rights to which children everywhere are entitled.

On this National Child Day, you can turn everyday moments into opportunities to help child to grow, develop and learn about the world. This year’s theme is “It’s Our Right to Belong”. Here are a few ideas for Celebrating Nation Child Day in your community taken from the Canadian Child Care Federation:

  1. Wear a royal blue ribbon.

  2. Attend a special event with a child.

  3. Ask a child for advice.

  4. Introduce your child to your place of work.

  5. Plan a special visit to your child’s class or child care setting.

  1. Send a card to a child, caregiver or teacher in honour of the day.

  1. Explore ways to make your neighbourhood a safer place for children.

  1. Organize a fundraiser to support activities for children.

  2. Invite a child out for a meal or snack.

  3. Share a book or story with a child.

  4. Cook a celebration dinner and invite friends and family.

  5. Make a scrapbook highlighting a child’s past week, month or year.

  1. Think back on great moments of your childhood.

  2. Thank relatives for caring for you as a child.

  3. Reflect on the rights of children.

  4. Send a package of toys, clothes or books to children in need.

  1. Raise awareness for children’s issues by talking to local politicians.

  1. Donate time or money to a children’s charity.

  2. Tell a neighbour or friend about National Child Day.

  3. Consider ways you can make Canada a better place for children.

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