Let Me Help!

29Beginning around the age of 18 months, your child will be very interested in what you are doing.  They may want to either copy what you are doing or “help” you.  This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to some simple chores, which when completed will make your toddler feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

It’s best to start small when introducing chores.  Start with one simple chore and once they master that one, you can add another.

Toddlers thrive on praise.  Make doing chores fun and exciting.  Work alongside your toddler, and show them how to do things.  Be sure to give them lots of love, appreciation and praise for their efforts.

Below are some chore ideas that toddlers can do:

  • Pick up toys. Cleaning up a huge mess can be overwhelming.  Start small by having them put all the books on the shelf, or all the blocks in a tub.
  • Pick up dirty clothes. Clothing is light and easy to pick up and put in the hamper. 
  • Dust.  Give your toddler a sock and let them dust away.
  • Water plants. A small plastic pitcher is a worry-free way to pour water
  • Feed the family pet. Toddlers can measure food with a scoop and pour it into the food dish.    

Don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time for your toddler to learn a new chore.  Learning new things takes lots of repetition and practice.    

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