Let Children Play Part 3

December 30, 2016



Playing with objects – It doesn’t take expensive toys to have fun! Your child will love to play with everyday objects. Make them a basket full of ‘treasures’. Sort and stack bowls together. Put out a bunch of jars with lids and practice putting them on. Open and close a box.

Outside Play – In Saskatchewan, we get our fair share of winter. But, with proper clothes, children can play outside in every season. In the summer we can enjoy such activities as going to the local park, planting a garden together or pitching a tent and camping out in the back yard. Spring and fall are great for splashing in puddles and playing in the mud. Winter time is fun for building snowmen, skating at an outdoor rink and building a snow fort in the yard.

Creative Play – Creative play includes arts, crafts, music and drama. Children can colour, paint, glue, cut and print things. Try creating textures with paint or make a collage. Build things with Popsicle sticks. There is also fun in singing, dancing and using everyday items as drums.

There are many different ways that children can play. Remember that play is the work of children. It is so important to their wellness and development. Take time to play with your children today!