Don’t Let the Cold Bite this Winter


Tis’ the season for cold and snow. Although this can be a fun time of the year, there are certain safety precautions that should be taken to make sure that your family is safe from the cold.

It is important to dress properly for the weather. Here are some tips:

  • Dress your child in layers. This makes it is easy to add or take off a layer, depending on the temperature.
  • Cover your child’s head with a warm, close-fitting hat that protects the ear lobes.
  • Neck tubes are safer than scarves. If a scarf must be used, make sure that it is tucked into the child’s jacket to avoid strangulation.
  • Pay attention to wind chills. Wind speeds up heat loss in the body.
  • Remove wet clothes immediately to avoid any additional chilling.
  • Infants in car seats should not be dressed in layers or in thick clothes. Instead, cover your baby in warm blankets over your baby after securing them in the car seat. This makes it easier for you to regulate their temperature so that they don’t get too hot. It also ensures that there is no extra padding between your baby and their harness. The extra padding under the straps could make them become loose in the event of an accident, possibly leading to injuries.


(Information adapted from the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute – Winter Safety Tips)

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