Reading at Home


As parents, we know the importance of reading. Reading is an important key to success both in school and in life. It helps us to make sense of the world around us.

We read to:

  • learn about our world and things that are of interest to us
  • find and keep a good job
  • communicate with others
  • enjoy a good story/book

Confidence is the key to success in reading! Remember that…

  • The best book is one that is chosen by your child.
  • It’s okay to read a favourite book many times over.
  • Be patient. Learning to read takes lots of practice!
  • Relax, enjoy and make reading a fun experience for you and your family!

Learning to read doesn’t always take reading books. There are other ways to enjoy words and language. For example:

  • Have a family game night once a week. Play board and card games that are fun but not too hard.
  • Visit your local library and try some recorded books. These are especially great for long car rides! Listening to stories “helps children draw pictures in their minds”.
  • Play word games or guessing games like “I Spy”.

Help your child learn to read the world by looking at media like newspapers, recipes, photo albums, traffic signs, etc. together. Help make learning fun!

Adapted from Reading Success at Home – School District #73, BC

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