Baby’s First Toybox

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Play is how children learn about the world.  In the first months of life, your baby will enjoy things she can look at and listen to.  Remember that baby’s vision will be fuzzy at first and can only see things close up.  Baby will also like objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound.

Below are four kinds of toys you might include in baby’s first toybox:

  • BOOKS = It’s never too early to read to baby!  When you read, baby benefits from hearing language plus the warmth of your body and the soothing tone of your voice.  Include board books, cloth books and books for the bath.
  • TOUCH TOYS = Baby will enjoy soft blocks, mats or cloth toys with interesting textures.
  • VISUAL TOYS = Black and white patterns are easiest for baby to see.  A high contrast Kick Toy can add a new dimension to baby’s horizontal view of life.  A plastic mirror may be a source of endless fascination.
  • HEARING & LISTENING TOYS = Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe baby.  Rattles, chimes and soft toys that make sounds when pressed will please baby for months to come.  Try attaching a soft rattle to baby’s wrist or ankle.

Don’t worry too much about each toy’s purpose – babies don’t always play with toys the way we think they will.  Watch baby’s cues – stop the play if she has had enough, or try something new if she is bored.

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