Let Children Play Part 2


Play with your two to three year old:

  • Invite their friends to play. Play at the park.
  • Play music games (freeze dance is fun).
  • Enjoy quiet play including books, stories, arts and crafts.
  • Play dress up with lots of different clothes and props.

Play with your three to five year old:

  • Play make believe either alone, with other children or with adults. Act out different roles either real or imagined.
  • Do lots of crafts to use hands and practice words, colours and concepts such as time.
  • Play lots of active games both inside and outdoors. Build things.
  • Read books, sing songs and dance.

There are many different ways to play. For example:

Books, puppets, stories – Through books, puppets and stories, children develop language and learn new things. Put age appropriate books in every room for your child to enjoy. Snuggle up together, read, tell stories or play with puppets. Enjoy making the puppets together.

Pretend or imaginative play – This is where children make up stories and act out many different roles. They imitate what they see adults do. Cardboard boxes are great for imaginative play and make great castles and rocket ships! Use toy tools, dolls, trucks and cars, or other toys.

Messy Play – Making a mess is fun but it’s not always fun to clean up! Messy play is best done outside or in the kitchen or bathroom. Play in the water. Splash, measure, make bubbles! Play with fun materials like mud or clay, straw or hay, sand, or shredded paper to name a few. Make homemade playdough or goop and stick items in it.

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