No Cost Games for Toddlers

January 30, 2017


Toddlers love to play games.   Don’t feel you have to rush out and buy the newest games and gadgets.  Just look for things around your house and try these no-cost games:

  • Obstacle Course: Use blankets, furniture, boxes, pillows and chairs to set up an obstacle course.  Show your child where to go.  Get down on the floor and do it with them.  Climb over pillows, go under tables, behind chairs and up or down stairs.  As you go, use words like “over”, “under” “on” and “behind” to describe where your child is.
  • Little Artist: Toddlers love to scribble.  Give your child big pieces of paper to scribble on, such as paper grocery bags.  When you give them markers, pencils, crayons, or chalk, make sure they are non-toxic, as they will likely try to put them in their mouth.  Draw with your toddler.  At first they will probably just scribble, moving their arms in different directions.  After a bit of practice, they will gain better control and start to imitate the straight lines, circles, squares and triangles you show them.
  • Rip! Toddlers really enjoy tearing things.  Keep a stack of old magazines, newspapers and wrapping paper.  Show them how each feels and sounds when it is ripped.  Show them how to tear the paper, how to scrunch it into the ball and throw it into a basket or box.  Always supervise as toddlers love to put paper in their mouth.

 ~ Adapted from Canadian Council on Learning’s Parent & Child Activity Calendar