Your Baby’s Brain Part 2


  1. Larger heads don’t mean smarter babies – The size of your child’s head does not determine the size of their brain.
  2. A baby’s brain is more active than an adult – A three year old’s brain is twice as active as adults. This is because at age 3, the brain cells are all connected. Over the next few years, the connections that the child uses gets stronger and the ones they don’t use will be pruned away.
  3. The brain grows in spurts – There are prime times when brains learn best. For example, babies and young children learn languages more easily than adults. This is because their brains are ready to learn language.
  4. Learning does not stop when we are young – There are prime times when learning is easier. But people can still learn as they age. For example, it may take an adult longer to learn a new language than a youngster, but it can be done.
  5. Learning starts long before your child enters school – Warm, loving care helps babies form an attachment and bond to their parent/caregiver. These strong bonds help children learn.
  6. Enrichment is good for all children – Children and babies need to try new things. Children learn by doing. Make a safe environment for your baby to explore. Give them new things to do and help them when trying new things.
  7. Expensive toys don’t make your child smarter – What children need most is you. Doing things with your children doesn’t need to cost money. Talk about your day and sing to your baby. Go on a walk in your neighbourhood and talk about the things you see around you. Go to the library and pick out a book together. Showing your baby new things helps their brain grow.

Adapted from Building Baby’s Brain – Better Brains for Babies

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