Becoming a New Parent


The birth of a baby will bring many changes in the lives of new parents. Many of these changes will be easy to adjust to. Some may be more than new parents anticipated. Here are some things to expect and prepare for after their baby is born:

  • Total exhaustion – You may expect to be tired after you have your baby. However, few families are prepared for just how exhausting it can be. Having a baby is hard work for moms. You may also find that new babies’ don’t have a schedule and you rarely get to sleep more than a few hours at a time. This is true for dads too! This is why it is important that you both get all of the rest that you can.
  • Unpredictable emotions – One in five women experience mental health concerns during and after pregnancy.
  • Parenting advice from almost everyone – Everyone from friends to family may offer you some sort of parenting advice. It is best for new parents to tune out most of the advice they will be getting about child care and parenting (unless it comes from a professionals like a Public Health Nurse or Physician). Instead, try to get all of the facts you need and make up your own mind about what’s right and what’s not.

Continued January 20/17

(Center for Effective Parenting)

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