Becoming a New Parent Part 2


  • Fear and/or feelings of incompetence – Sometimes it may feel like you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to your new baby. It takes practice! You will learn as you go along. Nobody is perfect from the start! Give yourself some time to get to know your baby. If you have any questions, ask a friend/family member or health care professional.
  • Feelings of isolation – Parents who remain at home with their babies, usually new mothers, may feel quite isolated. This is normal. It’s hard to take care of a baby for long periods of time with no help. Try to find support, either from friends or family, or places like a local family centre that supports new parents.
  • Changes to a mothers and fathers relationship – You may go through many changes. Your family now grew an extra person. You may notice changes in not only yourself, but your partner, as well. It’s important to focus on the positive changes and not the negative ones. Things will get easier as you both adjust to your role of being a parent.
  • Feelings of doubt – These feelings are normal. Being a parent is a big responsibility. Many parents may wonder if they can handle it.

Continued on Jan 23/17

(Center for Effective Parenting)

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