Storytelling Fun!


Reading and telling stories will help build early literacy skills in your child. Here are some quick, easy to do activities with your child that help support their literacy development:

  • Read together – This is a proven way to increase your child’s literacy development.
  • Ask your child to tell you the story of one of their favourite books – Even if they didn’t get the story right; enjoy having them tell you the story.
  • Remember when? – Tell family stories together. Everyone will have different memories to share. Have other family members add in what they remember. This is a great activity for grandparents. They can share the stories of their past.
  • Photo stories – Take pictures of your child during different important life events. Have your child put the pictures in sequence. They can then make it into their very own personalized story book!
  • Watch a story together – While screen time should be limited for young children, watching a show together provides the opportunity to discuss the story together and enrich the experience.

During these short activities with your child, they are:

  • learning new words
  • practicing their listening skills
  • learning to communicate using words
  • using memory and sequencing
  • using imagination and creativity skills
  • learning that reading is fun
  • getting to spend quality time with you

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