Sing a Song of Melons…



Sing a song of Melons…Sing a song of cherries. … Sing a song of Butterflies and sing a song of Fairies!

When we sing to our babies, it really only has positive effects! Does the song need to make sense? NO.  Does the song need to simply be filled with your loving kind voice? YES.

You can sing anything you like to your baby. As far as your child is concerned, you have the most angelic voice ever. It is also a good idea to have other family members or close friends singing to your baby. Words can be made up, pitch can be completely off, and you might feel like a goof in front of others, but this is what makes your relationship with your baby so special.

Singing and talking with your baby lets baby to get to know your voice. Having others talk and sing to your baby helps baby to recognize different voices.  Singing also helps your baby to learn colors, shapes, animals, body parts, and letters.

A few hints when singing to your little ones…

  • Sing songs to your little one from your childhood. Great classics include Old MacDonald and The Wheels on the Bus.
  • Look for CD’s with a combination of new songs and familiar songs.
  • Play your favorite tunes. Whether it’s Lady Gaga or Garth Brooks, if you’re having fun, then you baby will be having fun also.
  • Having a collection of current songs made for babies/toddlers is also a good idea.


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