Monkey See Monkey Do…

April 17, 2017


“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”
– Dr. Hiam Ginnot

The Brain – It’s like a great big sponge dropped in a pail of water. It will soak up as much as possible! THis sponge… this is your child’s brain. Your child is always learning. They Learn by what they see, hear and feel. As parents, it’s our responsibility to practice positive behaviours. Remember, Children See – Children Do.

This year for Earth Day – and Everyday, set a positive example for your little ones. This is their home as well. Below are some great ideas that you can do with your children to encourage healthy “earth” habits.  

For Example:

  1. Teach your children to dispose of trash in a trash bin. Do not just ‘throw it out’.
  2. As a family, plant a garden this year. Chances are, this will encourage healthy eating habits by eating MORE fruit or Veggies.
  3. Ride your bikes or walk more often to your destinations.
  4. Teaching your children to shop locally is beneficial as it cuts down on the transportation of foods and in return, will benefit our planet.   
  5. When possible, use public Transit. This will help reduce your own carbon footprint.


Children See …Children Do… Be a POSITIVE role model for the children in your life!