National Dental Hygienists Week: April 8-14, 2017

April 8-14 is National Dental Hygienists Week! The week’s theme, “Oral Health for Total Health” reminds all of us that taking care of our mouth, teeth and gums affects our overall health and appearance. Parents can protect their children’s teeth by showing a positive attitude and teaching them to follow these Top 10 Oral Health Tips:

  1. Be a tooth two-timer!   Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  2. Fight with Floss! Floss between your teeth daily to keep gums healthy.
  3. Rinse germs down the drain!   Rinse using an antiseptic mouthwash to kill germs that cause cavities and gum disease.
  4. You are what you eat! Make healthy food choices.
  5. Protect your pearly whites!   Wear a mouth guard when playing or practicing sports.
  6. Butt out! Choose to be tobacco-free.
  7. Sealants for Success! Ask your dental hygienist about pit and fissures sealants.
  8. Open up! Check your mouth once a month.
  9. Re-think your drink!   Avoid sweetened beverages and acidic fluids.
  10. Book it!   Visit your dental hygienist regularly. Begin visits by age one and continue throughout your life.

By following these simple guidelines, parents can help their children face the future with a bright and healthy smile.

**Adapted from the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, 2017, “Top 10 Oral Health Tips”

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