Music Monday – Sing it Together!

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Music… A way we can all freely express ourselves and what we believe in. Whether we drum, sing , or shake a tambourine; we have all expressed ourselves through music.  Music is a strong part of one’s life. It provides a richness that every person can relate to.

Join us all on Monday, May the 1st for the annual “Music Monday”. A day for all of us to celebrate the unifying power of music.  

MUSIC MONDAY had been created by the Coalition for Music Education in Canada to support music education for harmony, creativity and achievement in young people.  They believe that music is key in learning and life.

Parents and caregivers of young children can support this initiative. On MUSIC MONDAY and every other day,  share musical experiences with your little ones in relaxing environments.  Music experiences do not need to be formal lessons.  Music can be a part of your children’s daily life.  Sing together. Practice simple rhythm patterns and echoing activities all help in a child’s development.  Music needs to be an important part of everyone’s life.  “Sing for Joy. Sing for Healing. Sing for FREEDOM!”


To find out more about Music Monday, follow this link… 


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