For the Sake of Play!

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For the Sake of Play!

When was the last time you actually PLAYED? Playing with our children on a daily basis is one of the best forms of Childhood Development. When we put down our tablets, cell phones, laptops and ACTUALLY play, we benefit not only our precious children, but also ourselves.

Why should I play with my children?  

  • Playing builds Imagination
  • Playing promotes Social Skills
  • Playing advances Physical Development
  • Playing helps children work through Emotions

How will I ever PLAY like a toddler?

    • Join children in their world
      • Get down on the floor and get to their eye level.
      • Play games that your child wants to play – let them pick.
      • Focus on sharing your child’s excitement and pleasure.
      • Comments like “wow that is one BIG fort you sure built!”lets your child know you are paying attention to them.
    • Giggle
      • Laughter is one of the easiest and best ways to create play within your family.
      • Your children will love it when you act goofy or silly.
      • Shared laughter strengthens the family.
      • Laughing is a great stress relief for parents!
    • Active Physical Play
      • We all need to get physically active, and what a better way than to do it with your children.
      • When you go to the park with your children, follow them up and down the slides, play on the teeter-totter with them, Swing side by side!


  • Children who see parents being physically active will learn that physical activity is a natural part of life.



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