Kids in Safe Seats


In Saskatchewan, children need to be in a child restraint until they are at least 7 years of age.  The right seat depends upon your child’s size, and the weight listed on the seat.   Never place a car seat in front of an airbag.  Rear facing in the middle of the back seat is the safest place for your child to travel.   A child should remain rear facing until they are:

  • At least one year of age
  • Walking unassisted, and
  • Reach the maximum weight listed on your car seat for rear-facing

When putting your child into a car seat, be sure the harness straps are flat (not twisted) and tight (one finger rule = you can only slide one finger between the strap and your child’s collarbone).  The chest clip should be fastened level with your child’s underarms.  Baby’s head (rear facing) or your child’s ear (forward facing) should be at least one inch below the top of the seat.  Forward facing seats need to be tethered.

INFANT CARRIERS are always rear-facing.  Check seat for handle position.

infnat carrier

CONVERTIBLE CHILD SEATS can face rear or forward, depending upon your child’s weight.

convertible child seat

CHILD SEATS face forward.

forward seat

BOOSTER SEATS face forward.  Lap belt fits snugly over hips, shoulder belt fits snugly across the middle of shoulder and chest.

booster seat

It is recommended that children stay in any seating position (rear or forward) until they reach the maximum weight for that position, as listed on your car seat. 

Not sure your seat is installed correctly?   Contact Madeleine Valentine, Regional KidsFirst Community Liaison for a free inspection at (306) 848-4712 or by email at    You can also use the links below to find clinics and other car seat technicians.

Plan to attend a car seat clinic:  Click here to search for clinics in your area

Or contact a certified car seat technician in your area:  Click here to search for a car seat technician in your area

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