Dads Make A Difference

June 5, 2017


Involved dads don’t just babysit ~ they parent!   

Every child needs an involved, responsible, loving and committed father.   Involved dads know the importance of their role in the family, and are active in the daily lives of their children.  They:

  • dress and feed their children
  • play with their children and tuck them in at night
  • help their children learn
  • show love and affection and build lasting relationships

Involved dads nurture their children.   Their children trust and feel safe with them.  Involved dads use discipline to teach and guide their children, not to threaten or harm them.  Here are some simple ways Dads can connect with their children:

  • Hold and comfort your baby when they cry
  • Teach your child how to catch or ride a bike
  • Go places with your child
  • Play outside ~ have fun digging, splashing and making a mess
  • Play with your children ~ Do you want to play hide and seek?
  • Let your baby touch and explore
  • Ask your child questions about their day or the world

Involved dads build and maintain healthy relationships with the mother of their children, even if they are no longer together.  They know that this relationship directly affects their children.

Wishing all our involved dads a very Happy Father’s Day!