Learning and Loving Language

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Learning and Loving Language

Tansi. Hola. cześć. Hallo. 你好. Halò. Bonjour. Kamusta. Hello. No matter how you say it, language is a very important part of our everyday lives. Long before your child starts school, they will be learning words, sentences, phrases, songs, and rhymes. This is a prime opportunity for parents and caregivers to teach their children the fundamentals of speech. Learn your home language. Learn a second language – or even a third language. Children can learn so much in such a short period of time as long as someone will teach them. Your child is continually learning. They learn by listening, seeing, imitating and practicing. Talk to your children right from the start!  Tell your child what you are doing.  Introduce rhymes, songs, numbers and colors in a second language.  

Benefits of a second Language

         It will allow your child access to more people and resources

         It may help them get a better job when they are older.

         Your child will be more creative and adept at solving problems.

         It will help your child to learn and speak fluent English – even if English is your home language!

         Your child will have a stronger understanding of multiculturalism.










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