One Two Buckle my Banana?


One Two Buckle my Banana

Preschoolers are great at conversations. They LOVE to talk. They love talking about details of all sorts of important things. Your preschooler is learning about life. Talking is a crucial way for children to understand how the world works.

  • By the time your child is 4, They will be using around 1500 different words.
  • Encourage longer and more complex conversations.
  • Their stories and topics will be very entertaining.
  • When talking with your child,be sure to ask the “why/When/how” questions.
  • Encourage them to give their own ideas
  • Have “what if” conversations
  • Your child will be speaking clearly.  However, they may still not use some sounds properly (  say “th” for “s” or “w” for “r” )

Talk with your children. Talk about anything that comes to mind. You may be surprised at what your preschooler will come up with.  Playing word games and telling stories is a great way to encourage your child to talk more and express what is on their mind. Singing and expressing simple nursery rhymes is a great way to encourage conversation.

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