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Share It Forward provides an opportunity for parents to learn about key messages on early childhood development based on the concepts of Comfort, Play and Teach as developed by the Invest in Kids Foundation.   Share It Forward is not a program, it is about sharing the key messages on Comfort, Play and Teach with others so that they can share it with others, and so on and so on… ultimately increasing the number of parents that understand and apply the basic concepts of comforting, playing with and teaching their children.

About Comfort, Play and Teach



Comfort, Play and Teach is a simple approach that builds on every day activities that are part of a parent’s routine.

Through simple activities that are easy and natural to do, parents encourage their child’s ability to learn and to create, to communicate, to love and to trust, and to approach life with confidence and enthusiasm.

  • When you comfort your child, she/he learns to feel secure, loved and valued.
  • When you play with your child, she/he learns to explore and discover the world and her/his role in it.
  • When you teach your child, she/he learns how to relate to others, solve problems and communicate.

If you comfort, play with, or teach your child, you are in fact supporting your child’s development. 

Research says…

The Invest in Kids Foundation conducted a poll of Canadian parents and reported that

  • 92% of parents think parenting is the most important thing they can do.
  • 94% enjoy being a parent

  The poll asked parents where they go for information and found that:

  • 58% go to friends

magnets for SIF

Contact the Regional KidsFirst Community Developer in your region to obtain a Share it Forward magnet. See above for design.


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