Why It Works

When you comfort, play with and teach your child, you learn to recognize and support the uniqueness of your child, motivate your child to be all that he can be, and establish the foundation of a lifelong warm and respectful relationship with your child.

 The approach:

– Is simple, practical, relevant, easy to understand and to do, with no need for special equipment.

– Builds on what your child can do.

– Builds on what you can do as a parent.

– Helps you understand your child’s current capabilities and the kinds of behaviours and skills you should be watching for and supporting.

– Gives you the opportunity and choices to support your child’s development based on his age and stage of development.

– Stimulates a positive reaction from your child, which in turn provides strong, positive reinforcement for you.

– Is for every parent.

– Provides a common language for professionals and parents to talk about parenting.

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