Baby’s Beginnings & Baby’s Journey

We know that one of the most important things that we can do to increase healthy early childhood development is to increase the number of healthy pregnancies and healthy starts for babies. Pregnant women and new mothers and fathers are sometimes unprepared and require knowledge, skills and supportive conditions to gain confidence in their new roles.

We know that early childhood development begins before an infant is born or even conceived. Care of women of reproductive age prior to conception and prenatal care are the cornerstones to a healthy start. However, many women start their prenatal care after the first trimester and a vast majority of women do not get pre-conception care.

Did you know?

  •  Many of the pregnant women in our community do not choose to or do not have access to the information they need before they become pregnant or while pregnant.
  •  A number of women who are pregnant do not have a family doctor.  Some pregnant women do not see a doctor until well into their second trimester.
  •  Many pregnant women and their partners do not attend prenatal classes.
  •  Studies are showing that 1 in 5 women experience depression during pregnancy or in the postnatal period. Women who are depressed during pregnancy may be more likely to avoid prenatal care.  A woman’s mental health is important to her ability to take care of herself and her baby.

 The Mother and Baby Guides have been developed to increase the accessibility of information for pregnant women and new mothers and fathers.  The guides were created using credible and trusted resources, with basic information that all pregnant women and new parents need.

The Mother and Baby Guides are designed to:

  • provide important basic information that focuses on the prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy so that baby has a healthy start; and
  • provide basic information relating to the first six months of a baby’s journey and to help build parent confidence.


Baby’s Beginning (Prenatal) Baby’s Journey (0 – 6 months)
ð  Healthy Baby, Healthy Pregnancyð  Protecting Your Babyð  Baby Connections

ð  Growth & Development

ð  Feelings During Pregnancy

ð  Preparing for Baby

ð  Baby Care and Safety

ð  Your Healthy Babyð  Life With Babyð  Baby Connections

ð  Learning About Baby

ð  You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

ð  Baby Safety



It is our hope that those who work with families will take this opportunity to share the information and enhance the lives of children and families.


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