Regional Kids First and the Southeast Regional Intersectoral Committee are pleased to share the following resource:

                                  “After a Miscarriage”

 This brochure is designed for women who have experienced a miscarriage within the first four months of pregnancy.  Designed by the Community Support Program in Yorkton, the brochure includes information on

  • Feelings and emotions
  • Grieving
  • Taking care of self
  • Creating memories
  • Physical recovery
  • Getting pregnant again
  • Signs of depression

The information in the brochure is for education and healing and is not meant to replace a visit to a health care provider.  The After a Miscarriage brochure is available free of charge, and can be obtained by contacting the Regional KidsFirst Community Developer in your region.

Click here to view the After a Miscarriage Brochure

ATTACHMENT TRAINING PACKAGE created by Brent McKee and Lois Okrainec of Yorkton KidsFirst.

Attachment book

“A Snapshot of a Lifetime” strategy is Yorkton KidsFirst’s attempt to weave mental health programming into the lives of new mothers and their infants, promoting the importance of secure and strong attachments   early in life.  In this creative delivery style and interactive sessions between new parents and a Mental Health Counselor, we try and capture a “real” moment with infants and their secure attachment figure.  The “Snapshot” creates opportunities to have a conversation about their new relationship with their baby, with an emphasis on what they are doing currently to bond to their baby and to capture that moment on film.

The Attachment Training Package, that was developed as a result, is the final work of much invisible work, behind the scenes, in the homes of families, and what is the “magic” of this project.  The work done, before hand with the parent, is really the focal point of this strategy; with a strong emphasis on engaging parents in meaningful conversations about long lasting positive family interactions and the effects on a new infant and their development.  The training package provides opportunities for other programs to create their “own book” with their “own families” by accessing the booklet template on the USB flash drive and simply  inserting their own pictures.

Click here to view the Attachment Package Order Form

Magnets & Bookmarks:  Available at no cost from your Regional KidsFirst Community Developer.  Stick on your fridge or in your latest novel for a quick reminder to Comfort, Play and Teach your children everyday!



Prenatal Calendar

Click here for the NEW edition of our Prenatal Calendar!
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