SE Region Children’s Charter

Click here to view our Children’s Charter!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 marked the anniversary of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child, which spells out basic rights for all children everywhere.

Trish Maxwell, Principal, and her staff and students of Grenfell Elementary Community School hosted the launch of the Southeast Children’s Charter developed by the Southeast Early Childhood Development Committee with responses from children throughout the region.

Donna Coleman Trombley, Southeast Regional Intersectoral Committee Coordinator and chair of Southeast ECD Committee, used a Star Wars analogy, asking the children to be light sabers with the power within each of us to shine blue or red, good or bad. She encouraged children to try their best to have their blue light shine, representing the goodness in each of them.

The Town of Grenfell, led by Mayor Lloyd Gwilliam and the Anti-Bullying Committee, was applauded for the adoption of their Anti-Bullying and Harassment bylaw. This proactive measure says positively that they honour children’s rights and marks them as leaders in the region.

The school children participated in the launch with the charter being read by Mason and Bailey, and signed by Tianna and Breelyn, on behalf of all the children.

Kevin Mackenzie, a renowned storyteller, was in attendance and shared a story, along with a song that he wrote to commemorate the charter.

In closing, everyone was reminded that with these rights comes responsibility. It is up to each of us to look after each other and work toward peace in our hearts, our lives and in our world.

The next step following the launch of the charter will be a call out to local artists to help illustrate a book. This book will be based on the words of our children in the Charter and will be put in every library in the Southeast region. To view the Southeast Children’s Charter, please visit For more information on how to help illustrate the book, please contact Donna Coleman Trombley at 306-786-1556 or

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